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The Very Hot Summer Show @DM Contemporary


The Very Hot Summer Show

June 27, 2014 - August 22, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, June 27, 2014. 6 - 8 pm

dm contemporary NYC is thrilled to present 'The (very hot) Summer Show', introducing the work of six emerging artists who recently graduated from art school. The gallery selected this small group of outstanding talents to allow a closer look, rather than a more general overview, of work that is fresh, provocative and inspiring.

The work of David Aipperspach, Lyla Duey, Jessica Lundberg, Vincent Marksohn, Youjin Moon, and Andrew Woolbright, spans a variety of media, techniques, and approaches. Seeking to understand their environment, their relationships, and where they fit in, the openly autobiographical or biographical undertones run a common thread through their works.

David Aipperspach's often large scale paintings straddle the sensibilities of painterly abstraction and pop with their vibrant color palette. Yet, compositionally they achieve a simplicity and elegance reserved for works of minimalism. Landscape-derived, these abstractions are dubbed 'bio-paintings' by the artist, as they allude to nature and focus specifically on the concern over climate change and our changing environment. Lyla Duey's small still-life oil paintings are splendid, tactile depictions of private possessions, that investigate how objects can work together to create a portrait of a person. Conversely, she explores how painting objects belonging to a fictional being, namely her non-existent daughter, can invoke the aura of an identity with such specificity that it reads as non-fictional. Jessica Lundberg's highly autobiographical installations literally lift the artist's words from the page in a translation of text to sculpture. The words themselves, though not legible, are marks that trace the structure of words and text from the artist's personal letters and autobiographical writings concerning relationships. Vincent Marksohn's photographic work is often derived from imagined experiences: historical or familial events that he was not present to witness. Appropriating images from YouTube videos, he photographs or scans the videos, employing methods to alter, break down, and interfere with the reception of the transmitted light, translating the moving image into a still that carries the artist's imprints - including the added dust marks giving the photographs the feel of a relic - an artifact from that historical event or era. Youjin Moon's abstract digitized films begin with a series of photograms, or as acts of mark-making and painting directly onto the surface of film. The resulting imagery is a woven abstract sequence, organic in nature, rhythmic in motion – it transports the viewer on journeys between microcosms and macrocosms in appropriate dramatic silence. Andrew Woolbright's videos are celebrations of love set within almost impossibly Baroque circumstances. Full of the flourish of computer animation and green screened backdrops of palatial environs, they feature the artist and his wife as cherubic observers of one another.

dm contemporary, NYC, is located at: 39 East 29th Street between Park and Madison Avenues in New York (212) 576-2032

Gallery is closed on Saturdays during the summer.
Summer hours are: Tuesday - Friday 12 – 6 pm, Regular gallery hours resume September 10th, 2014