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PAINTINGS: Louise P. Sloane, Carole Freysz Gutierrez
NEW PRINTS: Isabel Bigelow

  October 23rd - December 3rd, 2005
Opening reception Sunday October 21st, 1 - 5 pm

DM Contemporary is pleased to present the recent paintings of Louise P. Sloane and Carole Freysz Gutierrez - two artists who are currently living and working on Long Island - in two concurrent solo shows. Simultaneously, Isabel Bigelow's new prints will be exhibited in the lower gallery.

Louise P. Sloane's paintings have a compelling physicality, with their rich colors, and dense textured surfaces. Her seemingly abstract compositions are constructed in layers of mixed media such as molding paste, pumice gels, pure pigment and tube colors or house paints, over canvas or wood panels. Grids, incisions and lines mark the surfaces of her paintings, and conjure up images of ancient tablets and hieroglyphs. In her most recent works, written words and narratives provide the base for Ms. Sloane's visual imagery resulting in a kind of modern archeology.

Carole Freysz Gutierrez, in her first solo exhibition, will present a series of recent paintings in which stenciled whimsical forms such as stylized flowers or bubble-like spheres float weightlessly as if suspended - like planets in space. The forms, sometimes disappear into the depth of the painting, where they get obscured under translucent layers of paint, and at other times they create a 'window' that provides a peek into what's hidden behind. Ms. Freysz Gutierrez's paintings are delightfully playful, yet visually complex.

Isabel Bigelow, who is well known for her paintings, will be exhibiting three new monoprints, in which the simplified silhouettes of branches and vines in some works are starkly outlined as if lit from behind, and in other works appear hazy as if seen through a veil. Ms. Bigelow achieves this delicate and ethereal quality in her work through the layered application and manipulation of inks on the printing plates.

There will be a series of artist talks on Wednesdays, November 2 nd , 16 th & 30 th @ 10:30 a.m. These talks will be held at 148 Roger Canoe Hollow Road in Mill Neck, NY. The talks are free and open to the public, but registration is necessary as seating is limited. For directions and further information please contact Doris Mukabaa by phone (516) 922-3552, or email

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