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Carole Freysz Gutierrez: Atmospheres @DM Contemporary


Carole Freysz Gutierrez: Atmospheres

May 9, 2014 - June 21, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, May 9, 2014. 6 - 8 pm

dm contemporary NYC is pleased to present 'Atmospheres' the newest series of paintings from artist Carole Freysz Gutierrez. The paintings, are a departure from, as well as an expansion of, the artist's previous work. In contrast with her paintings from the 'Layers' series, which were inspired by a pond behind her house, and focused on the duality of water surface - being at once reflective and transparent, the 'Atmospheres' paintings are more geometric and formalist in nature, and are not directly linked to a source. Rather, the painting process takes over, and even though each painting begins with a grid-like pattern composed of circles, the painting finishes wherever the painting process takes it. Ms. Freysz Gutierrez likens her 'Atmospheres' paintings to journeys, each one with a beginning and an end, but the discovery and experience differs each time. On the viewer's end, the paintings come across as back-lit grids, lattices, richly patterned fabrics, or sundrenched tiles - there is a familiarity in these patterns that conjures up an atmosphere, a memory, or an experience of a place, a journey to a familiar but vaguely remembered location.

The paintings in this exhibit are mostly acrylic on canvas, and there are some recent acrylic and gouaches on paper. Ms. Freysz Gutierrez's painting approach is minimal, even though the paintings are highly colorful. Color remains a key element in the artist's simple yet elegant painting style.

Carole Freysz Gutierrez was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied at the School of Art in Zurich and she received her graduate Fine Art degree at New York University. Before moving to New York Gutierrez lived in Frankfurt, London, and Zurich. Her paintings have been exhibited extensively at dm contemporary, and were featured in 2005 on public television in a program called 'Ticket'. Her work is in many public and private collections, and has been reviewed by numerous publications including the New York Times. Ms. Freysz Gutierrez's work was selected by NYU Langone Medical Center's art program, and recently, the site specific seventy-five foot mural - a result of the artist's collaboration with a master printer - was installed at the center's new pediatric emergency department. Ms. Freysz Gutierrez currently lives and works in Oyster Bay, NY.

dm contemporary, NYC, is located at: 39 East 29th Street between Park and Madison Avenues in New York (212) 576-2032
Gallery hours are: Wednesday – Friday 12 – 6 pm, and Saturday 12 – 4 pm.