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  May 1st - 4th, 2009
Opening preview: Thursday April 30th, 2009

dm contemporary is pleased to present new works by artists Eung Ho Park, and Frances Richardson, at its booth at the invitational art fair, NEXT, in Chicago, IL.

Eung Ho Park
, known for his large-scale installations made of common found objects, has once again transformed the ordinary into extraordinary in two works created specifically for this event. In “Sperm Spoons- New Life” (see detail), a nine foot tall rectangular work, hundreds of spoons that have been bent and shaped, shimmer and flow in an uninterrupted stream over three horizontal stainless steel panels. Park challenges our perception of the spoon by changing its context, literally, giving this common object a whole ‘new life’. The second work, “I’m Looking at You - Prickly Gaze”, is composed of three square panels each holding scores of individually painted bottle caps that look like eyes peering oddly at the viewer. Part pop culture, part social commentary, Park’s installations are meant to provoke debate about the human condition and our social environment, but not without a touch of humor.

Eung Ho Park was born in South Korea and lives and works in New York City. His work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally, and it is in private as well as public collections, such as: The Queens Museum, Queens, NY; The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; and P.S. 270, Queens, N.Y. Park’s work was recently featured in a book called, “Public Art for Public Schools” by Michelle Cohen.

Frances Richardson
ponders the notion of gambling and risk in “The Transcendent Wager”, a drawing in four parts depicting the four suits in a deck of cards. Since 1997 Richardson has used the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to form her drawings using lead pencils of varying density and applying alternating pressure on the paper to attain the subtle gradation between light and dark. It is with that same simple ‘vocabulary’ that ideas of loss and gain, probability and infinity, doubt and belief, advantage and disadvantage are expressed in these meticulously constructed drawings. In a 2007 review of Richardson’s work in the LA Times, Leah Ollman wrote: “The proposition seems absurd, really: to be able to express an infinite array of information and emotion through the finite tools of binary code – switching between on/off, zero/one, plus/minus. And yet all communication in this digital era boils down to those fundamental building blocks…(Richardson) demonstrates just how expansive those reductive tools can be.” Richardson adds in her own words: “The chance of drawing all the aces in a hand of poker is in itself a beautiful thing. Chance is beautiful. I wanted to appreciate that moment as one of beauty which has its own reward.” This moment of beauty in the midst of instability and transience is precisely what Richardson’s other drawing in this exhibition reveals. “Almost at an Instant” (see detail), a twelve part drawing, will have its first viewing worldwide at NEXT 09. Capturing the point in time when a bubble bursts - that calamitous split second – Richardson reconstructs an idea of what the eye cannot perceive and, in plus (+) and minus (-) signs, proposes that beauty can be found in the extension of this fragment of time.

Frances Richardson, who lives and works in London, U.K., studied at the Royal College of Art and was presented with the Conran award for best graduate exhibition in 2006. She has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and her work is in private as well as public collections, namely: The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, U.K.; and The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas. Richardson’s drawings are featured in “Vitamin D”, a major comprehensive international survey on drawing today.

NEXT will be located at:
The Merchandise Mart,  222 Merchandise Mart Plaza,  7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654.
Directions can be found on the NEXT website.

The schedule is as follows:
NEXT 2009 Opening Preview takes place Thursday, April 30

Show Hours:
Friday, May 1, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, May 3, 11am - 6pm
Saturday, May 2, 11am - 7pm
Monday, May 4, 11am - 4pm

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